Be - fastest ISP in UK

General Information

            Be was set up as a privately-owned, independent ISP (Internet Service Provider) in October 2004 and started trading in August 2005. Be became a part of the O2 group during  June 2006.O2 compriseshomework for you book report help mobile network operators in the UK and Ireland, along with integrated fixed/mobile businesses in Germany and the Czech Republic (Cesky Telecom). O2 is a Telefónica company with more than 35 million customers across Europe. Brand new internet service provider

            Be is considered to be the fastest in the UK and triple the speed of the current leading competitor. Using ADSL2+ technology that doubles the download bandwidth, together with LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) that fast-tracks the connection from the telephone exchange to the customer premises, this revolutionary overhaul of the broadband market is a first for the UK. 

            It misunderstood that, during  the year 2006, Be  conducted  Annex M trials with a cross-section of its members to increase the theoretical upstream of its service to speeds of up to 2.5 meg - up to ten times faster than any of its rivals.


            The word Be was coined  from the phrase Be whatever and whoever they want to Be. which means that the company  believe that the right offering can enrich everyone’s life.


Contact Details:

                Website Home page:


Corporate Office:

Be House

62 Lancaster Mews


W2 3QG

E mail:

Paul Smyth at River PR on 01491 573 302


24/7 sales assistance

Home sales hotline

0808 234 8570

Pro sales hotline

0808 234 8570


             24/7 member assistance

Home member hotline

0808 234 8566

Pro member hotline

0808 234 8567


            Be claim that they have commitment to its members by its indefatigable support by working  round-the-clock to ensure that every query is answered. Every email is read and that everything humanly possible is done to ensure that every problem is solved.


The Services:


Be unlimited

?         It is a home plan that allows 24/7 access to the internet without any limits on the amount of surfing, emailing, downloading or uploading that you do.

?         The tariff is  L24 per month.

?         The speeds of up to 24 megs is achievable.

?         Up to 1.3 meg upload speed


Be lite

?         It is  another home plan. This plan also allows 24/7 internet access with an usage limit of 4 gig and additional usage is to be bought in 5 gig bundles. 

?         The speeds of up to 24 megs is achievable

?         Up to 0.4 meg upload speed

?         It is less expensive at L14 per month. The tariff  includes 4 gig of usage and additional usage is at L1 per gig ( to be bought in 5 gig bundles).


Be pro

?         Be pro allows 24/7 access to the internet with unlimited usage.

?         The tariff is£40 monthly (incl. VAT)

?         Peed up to 24 meg ultra-fast broadband

?         Up to 2.5 meg upload speeds

?         24/7 prioritised member support

?         1 Static IP free




Be home email and web space with the following features is provided as optional with all accounts.:

?          Charges: L2.00 per month

?          One can have up to 5 individual email accounts  with

1 Gig of total email storage. You can change the allocated email storage as you wish between your accounts.

?           The minimum allocated storage per email account will be 100 Meg.


Minimum requirement to get a Be broadband connection


?         Be operates through BT phone lines. Hence it is a basic requirement to have a BT phone line in the premises.

?         You cannot order Be on a phone line that is currently supplied using ISDN, Fibre, Telephone Switch, TPON, or BTs Feature Net product. In these cases, you will need to order a new BT analogue phone line in order to get Be’s fast service


?         The next requirement is  that the person applying for the service should live in a locality covered by the Be services.


?         A valid credit card is required  during the online ordering process. Be accept all major credit cards, with the exceptions of Diners Club and American Express.

?         One more condition is the age of the person applying for the Be services should be above 18 years.


Connection speeds:

            Be have claimed that the maximum achievable speed is 24meg. But one should keep in mind that the actual bandwidth that you will receive is based on the following factors:

?         The length of the wire that connects your premises with the BT exchange.

?         The quality of the copper, and environmental issues which include electrical interference and even some times bad weather and the distance you lived from the exchange.

?          If your line is two kilometres long then you can expect to receive up to 15 megs (dependent on the above circumstances). Your bandwidth will decrease further as line length increases,

?         Be do not offer their  service if you are farther than 5.5 kilometres from the exchange.

?         While bandwidths are not guaranteed, Be  do offer the highest bandwidth available using ADSL2+ to your premises.

?         Be claim that  pro members will receive a download speed of up to 22 megs, but an upload speed of up to 2.5 megs.

?         Be recommend that you connect your Be Box modem to the first phone socket (located close to the point at which your telephone line enters your house, flat or building) with a micro filter, as this will greatly improve the overall connection speeds. In addition, they  recommend that you dont use internal or external line extensions, as they may also affect your speeds. If you have more than one phone socket in your household, it is advisable to  use a micro filter on each phone socket. This will improve  broadband speed.


Migration to Be:

            MAC key  is required  for migration to Be. You need to contact your existing broadband providers customer service and obtain your Migration Reference Code (known as a MAC key). Then, you simply place your order online and enter your MAC key when prompted.

 Please note that all MAC keys are not  compatible with Be broadband service. The MAC codes that are compatible should be in the following formats:

4 letters, 7 digits, forward slash, 2 letters, 2 digits, 1 letter. For example, LLLN0189907/DF34L.


4 letters, 7 or 8 or 9 digits, forward slash, 2 letters, 2 digits, 1 letter (example BBIP1757713/DJ29K or FTIP01753715/BD19J or FTIP012345678/BD23J).